Studies Show...

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Healthcare professionals are encountering an American population that is getting larger by the day. Studies have shown that approximately 43% of Americans will be classified as obese by the year 2018.

It has been determined that back injuries are the number one physical reason healthcare providers are forced to leave their profession. 

Low back strain can be attributed to 78%

of compensation days in the United States.

The main purpose of the Vetter Belt is to help prevent lifting injuries to the the people who are called to help with a lift assist. When someone has fallen and needs help getting back to their feet it is the firefighter, EMT, paramedic, nurse or caregiver who is called upon  to do the heavy lifting. The Vetter Belt is a patented device that is safe, reliable, incredibly strong and easy to use.  

* The Vetter Belt was designed to be a lift assist belt only, and despite its strength, should not be used in any life safety, technical rescue scenario.

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Vetter Belt

Vetter Belt

Studies Show ...

​​​Vetter Belt​

​​The Best Built Lift Assist Belt

Vetter Innovations LLC is proud to offer the best built patient lift assist belt on the market today. The Vetter Belt is truly a one-size-fits-all lift assist belt.

When a person has fallen on the floor and needs assistance getting back on their feet, it is the EMT, paramedic, firefighter, nurse or caregiver who is called upon to help lift that person back on their feet. The Vetter Belt is designed to do help these people do their job.